Rule of the cosmos changes hands on the 10th February, as the dynamic Dragon passes the baton to the scandalous Snake.

Sensual, sophisticated and sagacious, the power of the Snake creeps up on everyone inconspicuously, yet, forcefully, in such a way that it is undeniable. Its confidence is intoxicating, its subtlety, potent, and its wiles are enchanting; these are the qualities that will be lent to all in the year of the sexy Snake so make use of the serpent superpowers wisely while they last. But beware you don’t go too far, for this is the year of scandal!

Accept the Snake’s influence gratefully and decide that this is the year to make your dreams a reality. Just like the game, Snakes and Ladders, people are presented with many risky opportunities, some are ladders that will fast track your progression and some are slippery Snakes that will slide you back to where you started. Risk is risk and the game is the game. Aided by the Snake’s confidence, most people will choose to play! How to reap the maximum effect expending the minimum amount of effort is the goal. But what is the best strategy? Why, it’s the Snake’s strategy of course: observe, analyze and then strike quickly!

Snake years are known to be full of intrigue, unsolved mysteries and epic world events. The Orientals believe this to be the year where things come to a head, the lowest point of adversity and despair. Some circumstances may be impossible to take charge of, so patience, perseverance and learning to adapt become important. The crash of 1929 and 9/11 occurred in Snake years.

Political affairs and commercial contracts often start suspiciously, but relations improve as both parties warm to the personal values of the other, rather than the counterparts’ professional proficiency. Cooperation and collaboration is important in this year because without mutual respect, negotiating and compromise is difficult. Snake years are known for discontent, arguments and the years where wars begin.

On the other hand, it is a great time to make sense of your life, open yourself to the universal powers that be to receive answers to longstanding problems and engage in romantic explorations. Meeker signs benefit from the infusion of the Snake’s quiet confidence and make huge strides personally and professionally, whereas stronger signs, much like last year, need to be careful not to overstep the mark; power is esteemed, but direct rebellion will be met with an immediate response.

Major advances in science can be expected, especially relating to DNA. Media will continue to expand even faster than expected and the travelling industry may also see some unexpected developments. Artistic endeavors flourish under the Snakes watchful eyes and money seems to come out of nowhere to encourage people to express themselves, especially through dance, theatre and fine arts. Fashion becomes more elegant and fluid, autumnal colors seem to be prominent all year round as are subtle pastels; sophisticated glamour is the way of all things fashion.

Although this is deemed a somewhat dark year, do not be put off from moving forward in a purposeful way; the Snake is both the wise Sage and the sneaky assassin; there is knowledge to be gained from both sides of its nature. Lending all its’ daring, boldness and outrageous nerve, the Snake likes to see people make use of these qualities and will put obstacles in your way to test them. If adversity does hit, be like the Snake, wait it out until the time is right to make your move, because the time will definitely come, but you must be focused, prepared and have your eye on the goal so that you can attack in a second. Then you will see nothing but ladders for all the Snakes will be egging you onwards and upwards. Make use of the Snake’s confidence, charm and courage and you will not regret it, in fact, it could be the year you never forget. 2013 is the year of the Snake.

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