As the serene sheep meanders over to the high tree enclosure, the Monkey craftily sneaks up behind him and grabs the baton. The sheep smiles on as the Monkey starts his rein on the 8th February 2016 and we enter the magical kingdom of the cheeky imp.


Mischievous, mesmerising, and magnificent, the Monkey speeds up the pace of life immediately. The Sheep’s dreamy contemplation has provided us with the inspiration we needed to decide upon our next endeavours that meet our material and spiritual needs, now the Monkey pushes us to take action. No more dilly-dallying, the Sheep year is over: bring on the excitement, activity and fast-forward motion of the Monkey. As a premeditated character, the Monkey tends to know what it’s objective is and always comes with a loose, casual plan that he is prepared to improvise around. This is the best way to approach Monkey years.


We are all gifted with some of the Monkeys natural talents which allow us to keep up with him as the farmyard morphs into a sky high jungle tree labyrinth. We become more agile, physically and mentally, we begin to think more strategically and cannot but help to be more self-interested. It’s just part of the Monkey make-up to put itself first and there’s nothing wrong with it… as long as one does not sacrifice integrity and take this to an extreme.


Monkey years encourage all to explore their inerrant creative talents for the pure joy of them. Admittedly, there is not so much time for these activities as business and self-development take priority, but if one can schedule them in, they should as it creates a necessary balance, stress alleviation outlet and also esteem improvement as one gets better at childhood jollies, that inner child likes the grown up a little more which improves general self-esteem. Whatever area of life you look at, the Monkey influence provides complicated challenges requiring the use of intellect, social clout as well as diplomacy to bring forth astounding outcomes pushing you upwards along the monkey-bar highway to the kingdom in the clouds. What is interesting though, is that the greatest benefits are likely to take place in unconventional work fronts.


Many Chinese Astrologers believe that the Monkey is one of the most innovative signs because of their saucy, witty personalities and because of the inventions that emerge in their years, but this is not entirely accurate; the creative innovation actually comes from the sign before, the Sheep, but the Monkey is the master of marketing and sales, that tends to be their greatest innovative superpower. That’s not to say that they are not creatively innovative, they are, but where they really excel is seeing how new products, processes or services can be used to benefit the masses.


Air conditioning, the remote control, Velcro, zippo lighters and ballpoint pens were introduced in Monkey years. Also, the first commercial radio broadcast aired. It is the Monkey that is usually at the forefront of communications making it easier for the masses to understand the concrete applications of these products. Politically, it was in 1920 that women got the right to vote in the US and in 1932 that Amelia Earheart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic so women’s rights are also important at this time. Political assassinations seem to peak in Monkey and Horse years, both signs of which are known to have the fastest minds, impulsive and quick energy. When the other signs are gifted with the speed of these two signs, it takes some time to learn how to manage it.


A major misconception about the Monkey is that they are dramatic show offs, while it is true that they are natural entertainers and speakers, showing off in a public way does not appeal; instead, they like to show off to themselves! Monkeys are competitive, so they set internal goals to be better than, to outwit or win against somebody else and then set about making that happen, proving their superiority to themselves… and if anyone else notices the game that is being played, then wonderful!


With the smart Monkey energy, we will be encouraged to take many small and persistent steps towards our goals. We also have greater immediate clarity that helps us to make sensible choices rather than emotion-led ones that keep us trapped in self-defeating patterns. This can be a really fun year, but you have to make time for the fun. The Monkey’s productivity can overpower the need to stop and enjoy the moment because there is so much opportunity at this time. But what is success without enjoyment of the fruits of ones labor? The Monkey knows this, but other signs might not. Work, find success, but play too! Don’t use all of Monkey-Magic’s energy for work because you really will miss out of the joy, laughter and play! Isn’t that what all the work is for?

2016 is the Year of the Monkey.


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