Hi, I’m Zakariya Adeel, Astrologer & Psychic, I’m also the Author of 145 books on the combined eastern and western astrology systems.   I hope you get a lot from my site as I have tried to provide lots of free astrology content.  If you do want more, check out the books I have put together and/or contact me for a psychic reading.

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Sara K.

I wont do a reading with anyone but Zakariya.  In every instance of Zak doing a reading for me, i had felt it was the perfect timing for it.  I would feel his words and predictions linger in the back of my mind while I would see them come into fruition.  What I love the most is how Zak has such a fantastically insightful and honest way of speaking that I am gracefully given a few steps back to see my life with more perspective and direction.