Rule of the cosmos changes hands on 31st January 2014 as the scandalous Snake, reluctantly, passes the baton to the humanitarian Horse.
The Snake year (2013) is over, so the Snake’s short cuts just do not work anymore; instead, work will be undertaken at an exceptional pace without a song and dance and the outcomes will be that much more satisfying… [Read More…]

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I woke up this morning cringing from the memory of the crap I came out with at last night’s party that a Tiger friend had invited me to. Hardly comforted by the fact that most of what I said was astrologically accurate; it was, at the same time wholly inappropriate and on occasions, out rightly rude. But I was completely unaware because I had a captive audience that was excited to hear what the inebriated psychic had to say about their astrological combination, their partners’, children and what their cards said… So I told them. I’m honest anyway, but when plied with an ample supply of cocktails, even when I’m right, I’m just wrong maaaaan!

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The Stars of One Direction

Do you want to know if you are an astrological match with one of the One Direction boys?

1.  Find out what your Combined Astrological signs are by using the Zodiac Calculator at the bottom of this page.

2.  Then check by their names below to see if your star signs match.

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Rat – Realizing that you cannot change the past, frees you to accept the gifts that are waiting for you in the present.  Put yourself first more often.  The more you tend to your own needs, the more value you begin to place upon yourself.

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