Aries – Acknowledge that your feelings are your feelings and that they are as valid as anything else, despite how other people expect you to behave.  If you want to retreat do so, the only expectation you should live up to is being yourself.


Taurus – All of these flashes of inspiration you have been receiving are coming directly from your source so take them seriously.  Meditation may help to tune you finely to allow the messages to be transmitted with even greater clarity.  Take action soon.


Gemini – Remain focused on your goal and do not let the festivities of the month derail you.  It is a good time to continue because the momentum you have created will fuel you passed the finish line.  Be disciplined and just get it done.


Cancer – Although you may be thinking the worst, know that things are no where near as bad; in fact, you are in a much stronger position than you may realize.  Others could be intimidated by your power, but that is not your concern.


Leo – With the Midas touch, you can do no wrong right now so use your superpowers for the greater good and watch how the universe brings you back even more goodies.  Be magnanimous oh mighty lion; give without expectation of getting anything in return.


Virgo – Sometimes the festive season pulls you back into situations where your buttons will get pressed; it is down to you to lay out your boundaries and demand them to be adhered to.  When you love yourself and others will reflect it back to you.


Libra – Things may have slowed down more than you would like right now, but this gives you the opportunity to assess and plan your next move.  Be patient, practical and listen to your intuitive voice; you will know what to do when the time is right.


Scorpio – Despite your feelings, you know that you are too busy and have too many responsibilities to stop right now, so your only option is to keep moving until the time and space reveals itself.  Then you can focus on your healing more directly.


Sagittarius – Think and plan ahead this month.  If you know what to expect during the festive holidays, be armed with a tactics to deal with difficult personalities and have your verbal argument ready beforehand.  It’s only logical dear Sagittarius.


Capricorn – Let yourself be guided by your passions and consider making changes to your life that are more aligned with who you really are.  What do you love to do?  Do more of that and be unashamed about it.


Aquarius – Do not be in a rush for new changes all of the time, sometimes you need to see the current changes through first because they often provide the fresh seeds for the next new path.  Stay course and the next adventure will be revealed.


Pisces – The power of manifestation is yours this month and you can bring things into your experience directly from your imagination.  Spend time in meditation and doing visualizations, then watch your dreams begin to show up.  Follow the trail and take inspired action.


Rat – Put everything aside and focus on yourself, because you often nurture everyone else when you are the one that needs it.  Put yourself first and keep your emotions under check; do not blame others for your not speaking up.


Ox – There is nothing for you to do but sit back, relax and observe the unfolding.  You have done everything you needed to do in preparation and now it is time for the show to play out exactly as you planned.  Enjoy.


Tiger – Take it slowly and calmly; you are not expected to be a master at everything immediately, so be patient as you learn and grow.  You will become the master you intend to be eventually, for now appreciate every small achievement.


Rabbit – When you have come to the end of the line, nobody gets that inner kick like you do; you just know when you are ready to make your exit.  If your intuition is providing powerful guidance, listen to it.


Dragon – If the universe has put you in a bit of a box, you may need the alone time for reasons unknown to you at present.  Friends are available if need be, but right now, you need your own time, space and energy.


Snake – Wriggling like a worm caught in the farmers fork will get you no where, you are still in vulnerable territory.  Relax and let what needs to happen take place; you are more than capable of handling any repercussions.  Take a relaxed approach.


Horse – As your year approaches, your audacity increases and it is a good time to take calculated risks.  Inevitably, this is a month where your time will be spent around loved ones, but let your imagination wonder and let the inspiration roll in.


Sheep – Despite the expenses you may incur this month, know that the more you spend, the more will return to you if you spend with the right attitude.  Enjoy every moment you spend with loved ones and appreciate all of your many blessings.


Monkey – Take time out to balance your energies this month as many people, or circumstances may cause you some irritation.  Do not allow yourself the luxury of self-pity; instead engage in your favourite rebalancing practice and return from a place of love and compassion.


Rooster – All manner of blessings seem to flow into your experience this month and some may even come completely out of the blue.  Know that what you receive comes directly from the energy you have put out there.  You earned it.


Dog – As your best pal, the Horse revs up for its year, you already know that you are invited to the Horse-Party and this you feel inside.  Any indifference falls away and you are inspired to make bold plans.  Dare to dream big.


Boar – When friends open their hearts to you, turning away sends a message not only to them, but to the universe that you are not comfortable receiving.  Take a risk and allow yourself to say yes to love; let yourself have the joy you want.


Chinese New Year of the Horse Article

Chinese New Year of the Horse

Rule of the cosmos changes hands on 31st January 2014 as the scandalous Snake, reluctantly, passes the baton to the humanitarian Horse.

The Snake year (2013) is over, so the Snake’s short cuts just do not work anymore; instead, work will be undertaken at an exceptional pace without a song and dance and the outcomes will be that much more satisfying; add to that, the Horse’s joie de vivre, everyone will be having a blast at the very same time.

Fun, frisky and fearless the Horse’s energy picks us up, carrying us along as if caught in a sort of Horse hurricane. This sign knows how to work hard and most definitely plays hard. Horses do both by the book; work adhering to the rules, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and then they go party like hedonists! That sets up what this year has in store for everyone. There is a focus on quality as well as quantity and everybody feels obliged to come up to the bar; when they do, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and positive self-esteem.

Lending its humor to all situations, the Horse entertains whilst drawing attention to issues that require notice. This is the sign of the humane rebel advocate who uses its intelligence, audacity and nerve to unsettle the established powers to push them to extend their boundaries and force them open to change. As the academic, satirist and rebel, the Horse’s opinion holds clout with the masses despite attempts by political machines to undermine it. However, because of the Horse’s unwavering pursuit of the truth, underdogs emerge victorious. That is why Horse years are famous for political upheavals, protests and riots.

With a strong leaning towards social activism, unification and general humanitarian concerns, it comes as no shock that the women’s vote was earned by the Suffragettes in 1918, the reunification of Germany occurred in 1990, the Euro became the sole currency in most part of Europe in 2002, the international Criminal Court was established and many other major movements for equality occur during Horse years. Horse sign Nelson Mandela was released in 1990, which was also the year of the Horse. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that to instigate these changes, often times, some chaos is required and Horse years are known for this too. Leaders and important people are assassinated in Horse years.

Feminism, gay rights and sexual liberation are also given freedom of expression. It was in 1954 that the first issue of Sports Illustrated was published, Robert Maplethorpe’s homoerotic artwork was given the go ahead in 1978 despite public outcry and Horse sign Harvey Milk was assassinated in Horse year 1978 which, although a negative event, ultimately heralded in a period of greater acceptance for the LGBT community. Horse years favor politics that are left of the centre, inclusive environments and free speech for all, however disturbing one’s views may be.

With the copious amounts of daring and energy of reckless abandon, this is a great time to make dreams a reality. Taking on the Horse’s casual and detached nature encourages a carefree attitude that is conducive to creating powerfully romantic connections. Neither projects desperation and both are happy to let go and see where the chemistry leads. That is a wise strategy this year as the winds can change direction very quickly so it’s better to go by your instinct than any conventional wisdom. Grab on to something though, for the storm inside this stallion is stirring and he is ready and rearing to go; riding with this impulsive, responsive and confident creature, this much can be guaranteed, it is going to be one hell of an adventure. 2014 is the year of the Horse.

Lianne C
My wonderful interaction happened with Zakariya this past summer in Vancouver Canada. I was intrigued listening to readings he was doing. I quickly realised this man was something special. Upon reading my cards I was taken in by his energy and thoughtful process in delivering the intriguing lessons. I learned about me and situations in my life,past and present. Later in the evening I got to just dit and chat with this electric man. I have kept in touch and hope to have many many more readings. Cheers Lianne C