dragonRule of the cosmos changes hands on the 23rd January 2012 when the refined Rabbit passes the baton to the dynamic Dragon.

Brave, benevolent and busy, Dragon years are packed full of dramatic activity making them exceptionally memorable. The Orientals believe this to be the year of good fortune and luck. Many will consider moving house, getting married, having their first baby or making some other significant life change at this time. Tradition suggests it is also a good year to start a business.

As the only mythological creature in the Chinese Astrological cycle, stories, rumours and folklore surround the Dragon adding intrigue to its already vast presence. In the last Dragon year, 2000, the millennium bug had people in fear that life would be changed forever as a result of a technological error; this year 2012, the Mayan calendar ends which has some people fearing the end of the world is nigh. More often, what people are sensing is the arrival of revolutionary change which inspires awe although some interpret this as fear.

Get ready for some action as the Dragon will create all manner of fun, placing it squarely in your way until you’ve worked your way out of that part of the labyrinth. Then it’s on to the next level. As the valiant Dragon influences everyone to be more courageous, people tend to take on a lot more than they would otherwise. It’s not uncommon for people to get second or even third jobs. Money is not scarce and everyone is wearing their ego right next to their heart on their sleeve.

Meeker signs really benefit from the infusion of fire power the Dragon lends, however, tougher signs such as the Ox, Snake and Dog may have to err on the side of caution as this extra thrust can sometimes fling them way past the boundary lines into precarious situations. It’s wise to maintain a healthy perspective without developing an exaggerated sense of self which is akin to these regal monsters.

The Rat year 2008, offered the vision, the Ox year 2009, provided intense labour to lay the foundations, the Tiger year 2010 was the year to market the product, the Rabbit year 2011 was the year to make adjustments to increase profitability, the Dragon year 2012 is the year to consider a complete change in direction. Do not forget, Dragon years are revolutionary.

Opportunities will be everywhere but you must be prepared to put in the hard work. The Dragon rewards hard graft magnanimously and you may be surprised at what gifts you get with your pay packet. Make use of the Dragon’s influence and clout as more can be achieved in this one year than in the following three combined. It is the year where rags can become riches. But beware, all events are magnified, the ups as well as the downs.

Like the giant grandiose creature that the Dragon is, his year will be filled with extravagance, excitement and developmental challenges pushing all to their limits and ensuring that they take their responsibilities seriously. Expect lots of laughter, fun and sparkling entertainment. This reptilian beast is a host of the finest kind who lives up to his larger than life image. He toys with everyone but if you keep your sense of humour, you will win his affection and he will reward your spirit generously. It is a year to arrive with a plan, be prepared to improvise when the unexpected strikes and savour every joyful moment. 2012 is the year of the Dragon.

Rule of the cosmos changes hands on the 3rd February 2011 when the tempestuous Tiger passes the baton to the refined Rabbit.

Artistic, diplomatic and lover of luxury, the Rabbit influence is likely to encourage positive changes that improve upon current living conditions. The Rabbit nurtures but at a distance; circumstances may arise that provide opportunities to better your state of affairs, but only if you are prepared to work hard. This time it is the Rabbit dangling the carrot; it is up to you to decide whether the prize is worth the chase.

In Chinese Folklore, the image of the Rabbit was imprinted on the moon by the deity Sakra, the ruler of the Trayastrimsa Heavens; when standing before Sakra, the Rabbit had nothing to give as an offering so he jumped into a raging fire offering himself up as food. This Rabbit virtue will fall upon all in 2011 and altruistic activities will see a rise in contributions. It is the year of selflessness and frequent little kindnesses that usually starts a snowball effect of positive energy.

After the ego serving year of the Tiger, the humility and lightness of the Rabbit comes as a relief. The perspective shifts from a self-focus to a group-focus. The Rabbit understands the human condition in a visceral way and when in the position of power likes to see that as many human needs are met as possible. People become more sociable, they laugh more, they recognise their own simple desires and commit to meeting them. Being one of the most romantic signs, the ground is exceptionally fertile for relationships to flourish and encourages all manner of sensual activities.

Traditionally, Rabbit years are seen as domestically oriented, peaceful and somewhat indulgent. But the Rabbit is also one of the most intelligent signs and will not retire without leaving his mark in the artistic, business and political realms. Significant changes take place. Tactful persuasion works better than brute force and if you act unjustly, expect a speedy karmic response.

The Rat year 2008, offered the vision, the Ox year 2009, provided intense labour to lay the foundations, the Tiger year 2010 was the year to market the product and the Rabbit year 2011 is the time to use the available intelligence to make any adjustments to increase profitability. It is also wise to get some rest and recuperation in before 2012, the eventful year of the Dragon.

The Chinese look forward to Rabbit years as they are seen as lucky. It is a mild sign in many respects but not when it comes to the emotions. Moments of high tension are usually equalled by moments of wild ecstasy. Also, there may be an increased general tendency to create a mountain out of a molehill.

The Rabbit loves to love and responds well to affectionate gestures. As long as you infuse everything you do with heart, have the best of intentions and strive to better yourself, this graceful creature will see to it that you succeed. 2011 is the year of the Rabbit.

TigerRule of the cosmos changes hands on the 14th February 2010 when the industrious Ox passes the baton to the tempestuous Tiger.

Fiery, wild and dramatic, the year of the Tiger promises excitement by the bucket load. Never content with the quiet life, the Tiger takes action to ensure life is full of glitter and gold, even if it means rocking the boat to get it. Emerging from the quiet and conservative Ox year, the shift to the Tiger influence could come as a bit of shock.

Rebellious, powerful and proud, the Tiger likes to have things his way and sets out to make it so. However, he makes impulsive decisions based upon whims rather than actual needs so is usually quite disappointed once the goal is reached. Even the more logical and emotionally aware signs will find this process in operation in 2010. It creates unnecessary obstacles, wastes time and more importantly, wastes mental energy on irrelevant matters. The Tiger and drama go hand in hand. Rarely will you find yourself bored in a Tiger year; you will be too busy trying to resolve the current palaver you are embroiled in.

Although he is a high achiever and secretly, a perfectionist, his overt priority is to have fun. And this will be a fun year. Lending everyone his magnetic charm and charisma, an environment for creative exploration is formed. How creative you want to be and in which area of your life is up to you. Relationships can be created and destroyed easily in this environment; though it is hard with this sexy Tiger influence, think through the potential consequences before you take any significant action. If your immediate priority is fun, then you’re in for a grand time.

Traditionally, Tiger years are seen as turbulent and tumultuous where disagreements, rash behaviour and collisions occur. It is an extreme sign so extreme conditions are to be somewhat expected. Politically, the atmosphere is charged and many secrets are uncovered that cause uproar. Even the weather tends to be dramatic.

On the other side of the coin, it is a year of innovation. The Tiger is bold enough to tread territory others are not. New controversial ideas are discussed and audacious decisions can be made to improve the lives of many especially those who have stagnated. Avoiding change is difficult in such an unconventional and unorthodox environment.

The Rat year 2008, offered the vision, the Ox year 2009, provided intense labour to lay the foundations, the Tiger year 2010 is the year of Passionate Creativity; it is time to market and sell the product.

Keep your own counsel and use the Tiger’s self-assurance to go it alone rather than joining with others in business ventures. This excess of energy can also be utilised to reinvigorate seemingly lost causes or failing industries. With the economic downturn slowly easing, an infusion of Tiger energy is exactly what is required to increase productivity and boost general confidence. A lot can be achieved in a short space of time but do not expect results immediately.

The Tiger likes to play and ultimately doesn’t take life too seriously; if you keep this attitude too, the Tiger year could be a party of excessive indulgence. Just remember to consider the potential consequences.
2010 is the year of the Tiger.

The traditional Chinese zodiac has enamoured people all over the world for centuries and its origins are widely disputed. Some say Buddha laid on a farewell dinner to celebrate leaving Earth and sent an invitation to all animals but only twelve turned up. In gratitude, he assigned a year to each animal in the order they arrived. Another version is that Buddha was calling a meeting to reorganise the state of the Chinese nation, and another still purports that it was in celebration of his birthday.

Perhaps the most common legend is that of the Jade Emperor who invited all the animals of the universe to take part in a race to see who could reach him first.

When the Cat was told about the race he became very excited and asked his neighbour, the Rat to awaken him at dawn so that he could start his journey. The Rat agreed to the request.

Of course, at first light, the Rat was away leaving the sleeping Cat behind. He knew he was the smallest animal taking part but he was also the most determined. Being fast and versatile, the forest, the plains and grasslands were no problem and he was the first to reach the river stream. However, now he was at a loss. He knew he couldn’t cross the stream by himself.

At that moment, the Ox arrived. He surveyed the river wondering how he was going to get across this muddy stream with his poor eye sight. The Rat offered to navigate if he would let him ride on his back. The Ox felt that was fair and let the Rat onto his back and they both entered the river. That is when the Cat arrived at the river bank angry at not being woken up. The Rat apologised saying he was so excited himself that it had slipped his mind. Knowing that the Cat also couldn’t swim, he asked the Ox whether his friend could also ride on his back. The unassuming Ox was happy to help. The Cat climbed on board somewhat placated by the Rat’s actions.

As the Ox slowly made his way through the muddy waters, a dragon flew over them effortlessly taking the lead. She looked down from her superior vantage point and noticed that a tiny Rabbit who had been hopping from one stone to the next had become trapped; the Rabbit had no more stones left to hop onto. Noticing a passing log, she made a leap for it but now found herself being dragged downstream on the log.

Meanwhile, the Ox was halfway across the stream and listening to the Rat sing him directions to get them across. However, the Cat was getting increasingly annoyed at the noise and asked the Rat to be quiet. As he was busy preening himself, the Rat crept up behind him and pushed him overboard, then returned to direct the Ox. By that point, the Dragon had disappeared but there was a mighty roar that came from behind them. The Rat saw the mighty Tiger enter the river. He told the Ox to swim as fast as he could otherwise they would be overtaken. They were nearly there.

Not far behind the Tiger was the noble Horse who leapt into the water with a huge splash. The Rooster, Ram and Monkey reached the river stream at the same time. They agreed to work together to get across. The ever vigilant Rooster noticed a small raft and ordered that the Ram obtain it and set it on the water which he did. She then told the Monkey to clear off its weeds which he did. Then all three jumped on board, tugged and pulled and worked together to get through the stream.

The Rat encouraged the Ox to keep going and both could see that they were nearly there. Suddenly, the Dog, being one of the best swimmers passed by and overtook them. She got near the end first but instead of coming out of the stream, she remained in the water to clean off all of the mud and weeds. Just as the Ox reached the river bank, the Rat climbed onto the Ox’s head and made it to Jade Emperor first. The Ox followed thanking the Rat for all of his help. The Tiger came next bemused at the Dog still washing herself.

A huge gust of warm wind blew the tiny Rabbit’s log to the riverbank and she made it into forth place. Seconds later, the Dragon landed on the bank. As the Horse emerged from the water, the Snake uncurled herself from one of the Horses hooves which gave him a fright. The Snake slithered over the bank and made it into sixth position, the Horse made seventh. At this point, the little raft made it to the other side. The Ram climbed off first helping the Monkey off next, followed by the Rooster. They approached the Emperor together making eighth, ninth and tenth positions respectively.

Eventually, the Dog approached the Emperor looking flawless. The Cat was still splashing in the water but was picked up by the compassionate Boar as he slowly but steadily swum across. By the time the Boar reached the Emperor, the Cat had passed out. The Boar was awarded twelfth position and as the Cat, coming thirteenth was not assigned a year at all.

The Emperor then asked why the Tiger didn’t come first being the strongest, he said he had the furthest to travel. The Dragon was asked why she didn’t come first considering she could fly, she said she had to stop to create rain to help the creatures of the earth and returned to help the Rabbit reach the shore. The Emperor blessed the Dragon for her good deeds. Then the Emperor asked why the Dog didn’t make first position if she reached the bank first, she replied that she was no state to be in the presence of Royalty and needed to clean up.

The Emperor assigned the first year to the Rat and he was celebrated for his ingenuity. When the Cat regained consciousness, he swore revenge on the Rat and it is believed this is why Cats chase rodents even today.

There are many variations on this story. Some say it was Buddha who did summon them to race. This story, in its various guises, has been told since 2637 B.C. during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti when the Chinese Lunar calendar was introduced. The ancient Chinese used to count the years with 10 celestial stems and 12 terrestrial branches but most people were illiterate at this time so an animal was assigned to each terrestrial branch which symbolised the ethereal influences of that particular year.

Lianne C
My wonderful interaction happened with Zakariya this past summer in Vancouver Canada. I was intrigued listening to readings he was doing. I quickly realised this man was something special. Upon reading my cards I was taken in by his energy and thoughtful process in delivering the intriguing lessons. I learned about me and situations in my life,past and present. Later in the evening I got to just dit and chat with this electric man. I have kept in touch and hope to have many many more readings. Cheers Lianne C