10th Sign of Zodiac
Modality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn
Season: Winter
Metal: Lead
Stone: Amber, Onyx
Color: Purple, Brown
Anatomy: The knee, bones, skeleton

I am the gallant goat, Saturn’s child, the silent earthquake. With me you can expect the unexpected, though predictable I may seem, in truth I am anything but. I observe, select my mountain, then off I trot. Slow and sure, purposeful and unobtrusively I make my climb. No storm, no quake, no avalanche will derail me for my feet are nimble and my mind superb. My family calls me from a distance, I will return once my goal is reached. I am resolute, I yield to no one. Do not try to pigeon-hole me as you have not been shown my true colours. They are for me alone to revel in and retreat into when I need to play. If you have the time to earn my affections I may give you a peek of the magic I contain. I am Capricorn.