As the busy Rooster year draws to a close, the Dog herds us dutifully towards his home territory on 16th February 2018. Creative, witty and confident, the next twelve months promise to be a rollercoaster of extreme emotions.

The dog sign is much more than it seems; this is the sign of edgy beauty, diva-dom and personal sovereignty; it doesn’t matter who is in charge and who follows who, the dog dances to its own beat. That is precisely why the most popular personalities (as well as many of the most polarising) belong to this sign. It’s the sign of creative genius and, loosely put, those people who are termed, with a royal pre-fix.  Consider for a second who is believed to famously be the “King” or “Queen” or “Prince” etc of any environment and the chances are, it will be a Dog.

Who is the Queen of pop? Madonna. Who is the King of pop? Michael Jackson. King of Directors? Steven Spielberg. Prince of Pop? Justin Bieber. King of Rock and Roll? Elvis. The ingenious Prince, lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, even Queen Latifa. But what about the Queen of the Catwalk? Naomi Campbell. All Dog Signs!!!

So what does that mean for you in the Dog year?

Well, it might help you to perceive yourself as royal and do what you want your way. Bring your personality to everything you do and be uncompromising about it. Reveal who you are. What’s special about you! And Dog will be impressed. He just wants to see who you really are, how your colours shine. At times, the coming year may feel like a cartoon, full of fun, frolics and just a hint of outrageous drama, but that’s what you get when you’re dealing with the Iconoclast.

An old Chinese proverb says, “Dogs are born old and grow younger by the day” and they can be recognised by their eternally youthful personalities, looks and ability to connect with young people. This youthful outlook is one of the strongest influences one may feel in 2018. With the Dog’s confidence many may be inspired to finally take that balloon ride or go rock climbing or do that special thing they’ve always wanted to do but feared that the time had passed. It is the year of the underdog so major feats (especially creative ones) can be achieved. It is a favourable time for small ventures to expand, to launch new brands and a good time to take risks. It may also see changes in humanitarian policies with regards to minorities of any kind.

Being a sign full of contradictions, the Dog influenced year can be complicated and meeker signs may find themselves tapping into a plethora of emotions they may find uncomfortable, yet, empowering. Dogs also have a darker side but they aren’t particularly afraid of it, in fact, they kind of love it. Hence, why, many explore the darker aspects of their characters. The key is moderation and not to impose any extreme puritanical ways upon oneself so that repressed feelings don’t express themselves in strange ways.

Of the twelve signs, the dog is the guardian, so for those the dog favours, (ie the Rabbit, Horse, Tiger and Boar signs) they can expect to have an extended party of a year because the dog protects you from difficulties.

The Dog year has more than its fair share of serious issues, politically there may be revolts, rebellion and public humiliations as the Dog diligently hunts for the truth in order to serve justice. Many get their comeuppance as the Dog can be ruthlessly objective when called in to play judge. Despite the Dog’s ability to be impartial and objective when they observe other people’s circumstances, many still take things very personally. So expect people to be a tad touchier than usual too and it might be wise to have a mechanism in place to handle it when people to trigger you. This is a year to be bold and courageous, challenging yourself to challenge yourself.

To find out what the dog year has in store for you, look up your animal sign in the year charts and read what the Chinese fates have to say.













The Stars of One Direction

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Snake – Cancer

Chinese Name:  SHÉ

Rank:  6th

Hours Ruled:  9am – 11am

Direction:  South – Southeast

Season:  Spring

Month:  May

Western Zodiac Equivalent of Snake:  Taurus

Taurus’ Western Element:  Earth

Eastern Zodiac Equivalent of Cancer:  Sheep

Cancer’s Western Element:  Water

Snake’s Eastern Fixed Element:  Negative Fire*

“You can’t stamp out individuality – there’s too many of us.”

–   Cindy Lauper


When the potency of the Snake’s earth joins the Crab’s silent waters, presence meets creativity giving these creatures the nerve to promote themself and their ideas even when they are ahead of their time and out of the norm.  There is much overlap with these two signs; both are cold-blooded creatures that are sophisticated, quietly confident and desire to take charge.  The Snake comes from a more cerebral place and the Cancerian, the more sensual, so with two different types of data flowing, the processed information tends to be broad, full and smart.  Despite both of these signs being quite ambitious in their own right, the Cancerian’s huge heart manages to overrule the more ruthless aspects that often lay dormant, which makes them prioritise romance, love and sensual conquest.  It is for this reason, work only takes precedence when they have found and are happy in a romantic partnership.  In fact, if they can find a Monkey or a Rooster partner, their work life tends to excel prolifically because they will know how to promote their talents perfectly.


There are many singer song writers of this combination: Cindy Lauper, Jason Mraz, June Carter Cash, Bebe Buell, even Liv Tyler sings; this combination is a soulful creature that feels alive when it is expressing the contents of its heart.  Cindy Lauper has said, “When I sing I don’t feel like it’s me. I feel I am fabulous, like I’m 10 feet tall. I am the greatest. I am the strongest. I am Samson. I’m whoever I want to be.”  When they feel this empowered, they want to leverage it to lift others to higher state of consciousness.  As Jason Mraz has said, “Music is a weapon in the war against unhappiness.”


The women of this combination are soft, sensual and charming.  Their sense of humour comes as a surprise, especially as they look so cultured and sophisticated; nobody expects them to be as spicy as they are.  Of course, there are those Snake-Cancerian women who choose to be as spicy on the outside as they are on the inside.  Singer Cindy Lauper has said, “Humour is a great vehicle for getting a message across. If you get too serious, you could die of starch.”

Model and Singer Bebe Buell dubbed a “legendary beauty” by the industry, she was also the first fashion model to pose for Playboy and was fired by Ford Modelling agency for it.  Not that it stopped her, she signed with Wilhelmina and continued to work.  In fact, Mick Jagger (see Sheep Leo for Mick Jagger) said that she was who he would have accompany him “when I dine with royalty.”  These women are intelligent, classy and have a raw youthful sex appeal something akin to innocence, without being innocent.  Talking about her daughter, Bebe Buell said, “It’s so beautiful to watch her ’cause she loves every second of performing and just glows. She’s so brilliant.”  She takes after her mother in more ways than many may know as she shares her mother’s astrological combination.  Talking about her mother, Liv Tyler said, “…She had all these beautiful clothes and makeup, and in the bathroom all her jewelry was pinned to the wall… When she went out, she would always say, “Don’t get into my stuff!” and the first thing I would do was go mad dressing up.”


When these women really fall for someone, they cannot help but put them completely first; when Liv Tyler found out the truth about her parentage, Buell removed herself from the public forum and functioned behind the scenes.  Similarly, when June Carter Cash partnered with Johnny Cash (see Monkey-Pisces for Johnny Cash), she too removed herself.  Talking about this she said, “I’ve been really happy just traveling and being Mrs. Johnny Cash all these years. But I’m also really happy and surprised that someone wanted me to make another album, and I’m real proud of what I’ve done.”  As she should be, the Snake-Cancerian’s talent is such that it cannot be oppressed for long; even Bebe Buell continues to perform.


The men of this combination are interesting to know as they present like they are of the aristocracy, upstanding, well-read, authoritative… but more discerning types soon realize that this is just another Snake projecting another image to be seen to have “value” that they don’t actually believe in themselves. In actuality, they are rougher, gruffer and ready to serve their own needs first.  Naturally, introverted, they struggle with how they are going to make an impact whilst maintaining their subtle air of cool.  Milo Ventimiglia has said, “I’m tough on the outside and soft on the inside […] I’m really a shy guy… I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do anything … but I bowled like a crazy mother…”  As previously mentioned, this combination prioritizes love above all else, so it comes as no surprise that Jason Mraz said, “I want to be surrounded by women, I want to be snuggled and cuddled and pampered.”


All Snake combinations are born teachers, more specifically, mentors.  They get a kick out of altering people perceptions, getting them to believe in themselves and serving as inspirations.  Yes, they like to be looked up to too, it is the best way to serve the Snake’s ego, but that aside, you cannot argue with their results; they inspire people to get out there, get involved and create change.  Talking about her activism, Cindy Lauper said, “”I’m a bra-burner from way back!”


With a powerful connection to all things spiritual, concepts such as the law of attraction or cosmic ordering just make sense to them and they are able to use them easily in a concrete way.  Speaking about letting go of one’s physical attachments, Jason Mraz said, “Surrender to life itself and you’ll just be rewarded with so many things.”  Despite all of the ego serving behavior, image projection and materialism that Snake signs indulge in, there is also an intrinsic understanding of the futility of these things; it is only when this realization penetrates the paradigm through which they view their daily lives that they let go and experience true freedom.  This reconnects them to the cosmic flow of life, that stream of well-being that brings them a constant barrage of blessings whilst highlighting the beauty of all the smaller things that they missed before.  Cindy Lauper has said, “You always have to remember – no matter what you’re told – that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway.”



Prince George Alexander Louis

Milo Ventimiglia

Liv Tyler

Bebe Buell,

June Carter Cash

Cyndi Lauper

Jason Mraz

Jeremy Kyle

Jaine Murray

Ashley Scott

Alex Winter

Mindy Sterling

Robert Forster

Robert Pine

George Clinton

David Kelly

Rajendra Kumar

Phyllis Diller

Susan Hayward

Lena Horne


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