Rat – Sometimes you just have to do that thing you have been desperate to avoid doing, but when the time has come, it has come. No amount of procrastination or avoidance can keep you from making the cut – so do it quickly. Put yourself first.

Ox – Suddenly, the reins fall away and this Ox is free creature. Now what you do is completely down to you, so take some time, collect your reserves of energy and decide on an adventure you want to experience.

Tiger – Get involved with life rather than speculating on the sidelines or just living through your professional role. You, dear Tiger, know better than most that an unlived life is no life at all, so make the adjustments necessary to reawaken to the life that exhilarates you.

Rabbit – Of you are working towards a specific end point, know that you are progressing well, even if you do not see the results of your labor as you might expect. Just keep on going exactly as you are, add a tad more faith and voila, success!

Dragon – Being the master of project management, getting past the finish line is an easy feat for you, so now, you want to get to that line in style; so plan it and be present so you can enjoy every second of the glory.

Snake – If you have been pushing and pushing but you are not getting the reaction you expect, a different direction may be called for. Consider the repercussions of that road if what you had wanted actually panned out, is that really what you would have wanted?

Horse – Holding to the past, to what could have been or to someone who has already left in consciousness does nothing but inflate your fear and deflate your trust in the universes abundance. Know that joy is just around the river bend.

Sheep – Stopping to congratulate yourself at every juncture is fine, but at least get there first. Meditate to align your energy and then take action from that place. Discipline becomes unnecessary when you are connected to your source; there will be no stopping you.

Monkey – Explore your goals and your current station in life because there are some changes that are necessary that you have not given attention to. Put in the mental work, it is even more fruitful than the physical type.

Rooster – A return to innocence for you this month as you experience feelings as if for the first time. Everything feels fresh and soft and light and fluffy. It’s a beautiful time of discovery that you may have thought was over. Let your inner child play.

Dog – Relying on your will power and ability to influence is all very well and good, except when you feel that you may be losing yourself in order to get the job done. As a Dog sign, integrity, loyalty and equality are the most important things.

Boar – Put your focus where it needs to be, on the task at hand and take it away from yourself as it is nothing but inhibiting. You are a child of the universe so you are as individual as the next. That is all you need to know.

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