Rat – Be careful with your finances and resources this month as auspices suggest it is not a good time to make investments or commit your time to any projects. Ask for more time to think things over then wait for inspiration to come to you.

Ox – If things are not going the way you would like, consider the attitude with which you have been approaching things. The law of attractions says we are constantly creating our lives through out thoughts, feelings and vibrations. Analyze and adjust accordingly.

Tiger – If you have the means to do what your heart desires but are struggling with other people’s objections or fighting your own expectations, be smart and grant yourself freedom. No Tiger likes to be caged and no Tiger ever should.

Rabbit – Let yourself get a little crazy this month; do something totally different and unexpected or take a risk because it is likely to pay off. Realize that there is so much still to discover and set out on a journey to do so.

Dragon – Despite what other people are saying, do what you feel is right. Look at doors before you and consider the potential outcomes; choose the one that seems a little quirky yet, most limitless, as your power to manifest is high at this time.

Snake – Do not fall into the trap of feeling sorry for yourself or believing you have lost your Mojo, because you haven’t. This is still your year. Sometimes, delays work in your benefit but you only realize in hindsight. Trust that all is happening as it should.

Horse – The match is now over and both fighter can return to their corners and lick their wounds. Whether you won or not is irrelevant, right now, you just need to focus on healing and recuperation. Just know your voice will be heard in the end.

Sheep – A connection to your mother or nurturing maternal person is indicated this month. You may be visited by spirit and feel a loving presence by your side. This will give you the confidence to achieve new creative feats that even you would not have believed.

Monkey –Do not keep going when your mind struggles to focus, because your shadow aspect may come to the fore and sometimes this can be destructive. Recognize when you are under stress and need to take some time out to relax your mind.

Rooster – A positive month to make investments, handle property negotiations and also find new work. It is a very productive time where much can be done in a short time especially when taking actions that have a long term outcome in mind.

Dog – If you are being treated unjustly, it is not wise to hammer on about the unfairness of the situation, especially to mutual friends or the equivalent. Instead, let it pass over you as you focus on removing yourself quickly and smartly.

Boar – Slap bang in the middle of all the drama is secretly where you like to be, because that is where all of the action is; this month will be right up your alley as you will find yourself with much responsibility which leads you to have some exhilarating experiences.

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