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Psychic Tarot Reading with Astrology for  One Person

Battersea, London, UK or Skype/Zoom

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Readings last approximately 55 minutes

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Please see the sample reading Zak did with Alexis in August 2017.

Please note: this reading has been condensed and edited.



What Do I Get In A Reading?

  • Explanation of how the reading works ie. using the law of attraction.  The reading is a look at what is coming into your life based on where you have placed your focus.  “Energy goes where your attention flows.”  If you are not happy with anything that comes up, the energy around that situation will need to be shifted – Zak will give you complimentary guided meditations at the end of the reading to help you.
  • Combined Astrology – Zak will ask for your date of birth to establish which of the 144 archetypes you are so that he can then place you in context to the Chinese astrological cycle and explain what that means for you.  For example, a Dog-Libra person in a Dog year will be able to live and work independently on their creative pursuits and find much success.  Find out what your signs are by using the Zodiac Calculator above.
  • General Reading to see where you are, quick investigation of the past and a brief look ahead
  • 3-6 detailed questions depending on time.  If other people are involved, come with their dates of birth (and time if you can get it) or at least the ages of significant people.  The majority of the reading will be spent answering your questions here.
  • 12 Month Reading – a tarot card for each of the upcoming 12 months and explanation of what to expect.
  • Yes or No answers.  Zak teaches you how to get quick yes or no answers to your burning questions.
  • At this point, most clients have their answers and know what changes they are going to make in their life.  Depending on the areas of energetic resistance they might be experiencing, Zak will e-mail specific  meditations that can be downloaded in mp3 format to help shift blocked energy.




UK/Europe:     +44208 123 2879

US/North America:    +1 (646) 583-2262

Middle East: Via Sharon Taylor (agent)    +97150 450 7149


Disclaimer:  All of my readings are for entertainment purposes only.


Lucy Barrett
I was introduced to Zak a few years ago through a mutual friend.  I was not particularly aware of astrology, eastern or western, and only read horoscopes occasionally, rather than seeking them out. I still know very little about astrology but i can say that since we met, Zak has made two  completely accurate predictions about events in my life neither he nor I could have forseen. It was surreal but somehow reassuring. The process opened my mind to new possibilities and I thank him for that.