The year of the Rooster


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As the mischievous Monkey passes the baton to the calculating Rooster on the 28th January 2017, the vibration shifts from playful-mania to a somewhat harsher, sharper tone. Although, the Rooster’s humor is famous, its priority is to make a point and have it be taken seriously, even if that point comes submerged within a joke. This is very different from the Monkey’s levity for levity’s sake perspective, but that’s in the past… Now we are in corporate mode and the Machiavellian games begin.

Purposeful, packaged and pre-planned, Rooster years arrive already knowing where they want to take you; it’s as if one’s “purpose” button is pressed and people just know what it is that they need to prioritize. There’s no need to set your alarm clock for when the Rooster year abounds, everyone is cockadoodledoo awakened by its call. Imagine a world when you are always at work and you are always “on”, well, that’s the world of a Rooster.

We are gifted with the Roosters flirty nature, eccentricity and capacity for hard work, especially when undertaking work that requires precision. But everyone also become more sensitive: the Rooster can be highly critical of others, but does not like to be criticized, when they are, expect fireworks. So, when in a Rooster year, everyone is lent a Rooster tendency or two including this sensitivity that comes across as defensiveness. Others include being emotionally erratic, argumentative and confrontational. A lighter, harmless tendency is that people tend to dress in bright colors that do not match!

Probably more than any other sign, Rooster years are usually mixed bags for all of the signs. The highs are great and the lows can be devastating and at times, they can cause dramas that it takes at least half of a cycle (6 years) to resolve. That is because this creature is a colorful personality that is highly organized, capable and productive, but, at the same time, impulsive and self-destructive. People are not prioritized in Rooster years, progress is, development is and money is. This heightened self-interest afflicts us all and encourages people to work towards their own personal goals to the detriment of others. But there is nothing wrong with this: in fact, certain other signs could do with a dose of self-focus! It is at the root of the Rooster’s success… so say Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Beyonce Knowles, JayZ, P Diddy and Britney Spears.

It is in Rooster years that saw (Ox-Aries) Adolf Hitler rise to success in Germany as he became the leader of the Nazi party in 1921 and even opened the first concentration camp in 1933. Interestingly, it also saw his demise as he took his own life realizing that defeat was imminent and World War II came to an end in 1945. The truth is, Rooster years herald some interesting energy as country’s push through their agendas, sometimes, lying out rightly, just to get their way and this usually causes huge problems internationally for ridiculously short term results. The Operation Menu bombing campaign is an example of this, where the US were bombing East Cambodia under the pretense that they were targeting Vietnamese factions when there were none at all, but 600,000 Cambodians lost their lives; what is worse is that these bombings led to an environment that made the torture, murder and indignities of the Khmer Rouge possible leading to civil unrest and an environment of corruption which still persists even today. It is likely, however, that resolutions to these issues are likely to also emerge during Rooster years.

With the cerebral Rooster energy, this is a year that encourages smart personal changes. Emotions are relegated in everyday decisions and disciplined action is easier to maintain. However, when it comes to relationships, the Rooster is not the most stable of signs and this tendency seeps into the rest of the signs too. Professionally and materially, it is a great year for most signs and positive short-term outcomes are sought. In any case, major changes professionally are likely for all, but emotionally, the Rooster’s foot is stuck in a crack in the mud and it is difficult for the bird to walkaway, let alone leave the ground. This Rooster really is more of a peacock, a spectacular entertainer that puts on a grand show for all to enjoy. Just don’t forget, whatever happens, this peacock Rooster has every one of its eyes on its objectives. And you will too!

This is the Year of the Rooster.

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Description of Rat Sign

I am the instigator, the fire starter, the beginning. I am magic manifested to create an entirely new world, a new order, a new way. Tiny is my body, Vast is my spirit! Feel the power of my energy, see it sparkle in my eyes. Through me you will see colors you have never seen before, experience delights you have never experienced before, I am the one who knows the way to Eden, follow me, I’ll take you there. Gracious am I if you value my time, my voice and my contribution; be blind to my gifts and be blind to your own ignorance. I direct you to your own guidance, open you to your own intuition, lead you from the barren lands to the oasis because I know my world intimately; its structure, material and its effective usage. I should know, I was here before all else. I am the oldest sibling. I am the first born of the Chinese Zodiac.

I am the Rat.

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Fortune for 2017

As the frisky Monkey energy dissipates, you feel that fiery flame flicker and is replaced by the Rooster’s heavier presence. Although, you can manage it, you’re a little disappointed as the Monkey energy suited you better. It’s important for you to adopt a frame of mind that is flexible and open as you will be confronted by people who will challenge you. Life is your teacher and there is much for you to learn, through observation, through experience and even more through conflict. Throughout this, do not self-criticize as much of what happens is not your fault. Regret is pointless and do not waste time overthinking what “should” have been or what you “should” have done. Just know who you are and what you stand for. If this supports your growth, then great, if not, take the time to figure out what your long-standing limiting patterns of behavior are and then use psychological re-patterning (force a different reaction and reaffirm it by doing it over and over again) to break them.

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Description of Ox Sign

I am the sturdy rock of the cycle, the immovable object, the monolith! The world is my charge and I alone am responsible for its improvement. Waking before dawn I graft until after sunset without uttering a word. My diligence is noticed and I am given increasingly greater responsibility as well as greater resources; now I set the rules; do as I say, but only do as I do when you stand in my shoes; you’ll need unending resolve, military discipline and seductive charisma. My presence and humor cast an enchanting spell that makes me irresistible. The masses want to follow me, do what I ask and enjoy my dominance! I control my external world because I am but an alien in my emotional one, pretending that feelings don’t exist doesn’t work, so the emotional arena seems to be my steepest learning curve, but I’m already halfway up the hill and as everyone knows I keep going until I reach my finish line: I either win, or I end. There is no alternative option.

I am the Ox.

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Fortune for 2017

Being that the Rooster is your right-hand man, you can expect an environment that serves your interests. It’s a time where your established goals speed ahead and reach their destination faster than expected. This also gives you the opportunity to set entirely new goals or build on your current successes. But because you have the Midas touch, life sometimes begins to feel a little empty. All work and no play has bored the Ox stiff, so it’s time to figure out how to bring some excitement and adventure back into your life. Everything in balance, automate practical matters so that they can take place without your direct involvement and go and have some fun. You have more than earned it and your Rooster pal beckons you with a cockadoodle-come-and-have-some-fun! Remember that although expansion and growth is important, its ultimate purpose is to improve the quality of your life. And that can be improved in many ways. Time is the most precious commodity of all: use it well.

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Description of Tiger Sign

I am passion personified with more confidence than I can keep up with. Curiosity has nearly killed me a million times, but I’m quick on my paws and love the thrill of the game. Calm on the surface, a storm on the inside; nobody understands the enigma that I am, I feel so much, I care so much, but I need my freedom even more! Wealth, status or fame, rarely impress me as these cat-eyes see bullshit for bullshit. Earn my respect, give me the truth and I’ll infuse you with my energy, a rush of a trillion stars that flow from my veins into yours. I can fuel you when you’re depleted, I can excite you when drabness threatens: my aliveness revives even the dead. As a feral cat, expect the unexpected, but also know that what I really want is to be tamed… actually, I’ll never be tamed but I’ll let you think I am. I’m the impulsive, independent, improviser; the lone warrior, I trust myself and myself alone, even if I love you, I’ll always be alone in my Tiger-ness, you wouldn’t understand.

I am the Tiger.

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Fortune for 2017

Put your roller skates on dear Tiger because it’s a year where you will be continuously on the move. There is such momentum behind you that there might be times when you want to slow down or stop just to catch your breath. There will much change for you to deal with and it is wise to accept the circumstances and just go along with them, you will eventually be lead to wonderful new opportunities. It may feel like the old you is being broken down, fragmented into pieces that you will then organize into two sections: what works and what doesn’t. This might also be the year where you learn to stop repressing those areas of your life that you are ashamed of or run from, repression will find expression in your Rooster year and then you will have to deal with it. Let what is illusory fall away and rebuild upon a foundation that is secure.

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Description of Rabbit Sign

I am the sensual Casanova, the seductive siren and the political artist. With aristocratic manners and cultured flair I waltz through my world wanting to inspire greatness in others through my own amazing talents, yet hoping that nobody embarrasses me by highlighting my genius. It separates me from the mere mortals but I am one too and I see the greatness of being regular. But for some reason, this bunny is placed on a pedestal even though I am not the sort that likes to be paraded for the sakes of entertainment, well, not for too long anyway… I have real work to do. My art is my life and I do it to elevate consciousness to an unearthly plane, for some divine interruption, occasionally intervention for I bridge the real and surreal worlds. I am the psychic channel that communicates with spirit that is why the future flows from me. I just know that which is beyond psychology, beyond philosophy and beyond regular comprehension – I am of this world but my mind is beyond. Because I’m noble, responsible and divinely beautiful, don’t mistake me for an angel – I choose not to live up to anyone’s expectations and will hop away in the blink of an eye.

I am the Rabbit.

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Fortune for 2017

As your opposite year, some friction is only to be expected so starting from the premise that there will be some bumps along your journey, it is wise to come prepared. Feeling like you can’t quite adjust to the Rooster’s energy, you keep trying to find your feet. Stop trying and you are more likely to acclimatize somewhat. Your plans and goals may be interrupted and getting them to completion may not be smooth. On top of this, the feeling of disconcertion can make you moody. Soothe your nerves as much as you need and take space when you need to rebalance. Bide your time and when other people annoy you, avoid the temptation to tell them why. Consciously take charge of your faculties and force yourself to behave despite antagonistic forces. It’s not an easy time, but it will pass quickly. Remember that compassion is in fashion and that you’re allowed to take as much holiday time as you want.

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Description of Dragon Sign

I am the spiritual messenger, the motivator, the mythical monster that channels the sun from within. All know I breathe fire, but what they know not, is that fire comes from a sun that burns in my belly, connects to the suns of the universe and amplifies my charge a million-fold. It is the source of my infinite power and functions on every plain, physical, mental, spiritual. I am a gift to mankind. I came to serve man’s mind; to enthuse, to enliven and enlighten for I tread where no others can reach. I run, I climb and I fly. That is why I am beyond comprehension, sometimes even my own, but my inner sunshine god guides me to my next odyssey. Adventure to adventure I expand my experience, then I mirror it back to the world in shades they can see, in shapes they recognize, for I am the everyman in a beautiful beasts shell. I do not need to speak to impassion, my presence is enough, I do not need to touch, my presence is powerfully experienced, I do not need to take any action, my presence is every thing. I am nature’s purest secret.

I am the Dragon.

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Fortune for 2017

As the Rooster is your soul-mate sign, for you, it creates an environment ripe for love. All new years herald opportunities for growth and a rebirth of sorts, this applies to you, but more emotionally. Internal change will be inevitable and slowly, these changes will be made manifest externally. Dreams may also be important this year as you may find universal guidance may want to communicate with you in a more direct way. Take heed of your intuitive hunches and let them lead you. You may find that you are de-cluttering your life, seemingly in all areas too. You want to be left with only what is real and what matters. In doing this, you will find that you have created space in your life for new people and new experiences. This is when relationships proceed to the next level or for those unattached Dragons, they meet significant people and romance blossoms.

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Description of Snake Sign

I am the mentor, the political philosopher, the teacher. My life is my example to inspire you. My great ego endows me with power, influence and persuasive prowess but I must choose my path; for karma afflicts me powerfully and my deeds are read from the circumstances of my life. I am the mysterious strategist and there are only ladders for me to climb as I am the snake that can bring others down, or, if I choose, I can also be a ladder to support the growth of others. Though I am quiet, calm and wise, my anger, when released, creates earthquakes. Though my mystique is well acknowledged, my weakness is my need to be admired, seen as the ultimate sophisticated being. My words are sometimes tools and sometimes weapons, be my friend or my foe, you will be affected by my rhetoric. I breathe, I sweat and I bleed power – there is always more inside me than I release and I will never give it up until the time comes for me to shed my current skin and renew myself once more.

I am the Snake.

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Fortune for 2017

After the hustle and bustle of the Monkey year, you feel it’s time to slow down a little and get your bearings. You may be in a dizzy daze and attempting to stabilize yourself. Remember that you are striving for balance, not boredom, as you might organize your routine in such a way that squeezes all the enjoyment out of life. Bring order to your life, by all means, but do with a little zest. Also, other people might try to assert their will on you so stand your ground. A slower pace might ensue, but you can change that. As one of your best friends, the Rooster does present you with opportunities, but it is down to you what you do with them. Wonderful and enchanting experiences lay ahead for you if you choose to lave safe situations behind and be brave. The dizziness might continue, but it’ll be so much fun!

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Description of Horse Sign

I am the humanitarian rebel, the brave savior, the noble fighter. I am swift and agile and need space to roam. I crave freedom; therefore obtain it for others.   With my external yang spirit and internal yin life, I present to the world an eternal contradiction, even though I maintain nature’s perfect balance. I am 100% instinct! That is why I present such an inconsistent front. I require sole exploration. I want to know who I am without prior definition. I want to live life with blood coursing through my veins a million miles per hour because it suits me, because I know I’m the only one who can handle it, because anything other than that is death. That is why I have this raw instinct, invisible antennae and reflexes: I was born with speed so I can live on the edge because that is where I belong! Pushing my own boundaries and that of society. If that pushes your buttons at the same time, deal with it! My job is to equalize the status quo, not make you comfortable.

I am the Horse.

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Fortune for 2017

Having had a few years where you were able to focus on the same goals with some traction, the Rooster year may feel like a speed bump and at times a dead end. Whatever happens, you just shrug it off and keep charging on which is great, however, the downside is that the issues pile up. Face up to the issues that you are most afraid to confront, for they hold the keys to a new type of freedom. This does not mean that you will have to compromise your dignity or settle for less, nobody is asking that of you, but you will have to summon all of your inner strength to stand up for your beliefs to powerful opposition. The more you are challenged, the more of your leadership qualities bubble to the surface. A new you emerges organically through the expressions you were pushed to make and you will realize just how much you like your Horse self.

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Description of Sheep Sign

I am the social artist, the subconscious scientist, the compassionate innovator. My calmness, tender countenance and warmth invite all to love me. That is why I am often family favorite, the golden child, the chosen one. Though I may seem docile and malleable, I let you think what you want so that your needs are met and I can be free to be unconventional me. I experience the greatest me in my daydreams, for it extends the self in this tangible realm. I am not easily understood for what I understand is the un-understandable. I am the connection to subconscious worlds, to unknown realms and to divine plans. I feel it, I sense it and then I know it. I pull magic from my dreams and manifest it into tangible reality. I take my intuitive esotericism and add it to my emotional awareness to become the ultimate human behavior expert. Though I can be spoilt, frivolous and expensive, you will never feel more at home than when I am there, for I am home, I am comfort, I am your woolen security blanket… and I’m worth it.

I am the Sheep!

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Fortune for 2017

While you may know what your intentions are, it is more important to know who you are choosing to work with, as there are deceitful folk around looking for a lamb to slaughter. Put your own needs first and really think about the energy of the people who surround you. It does not make you disloyal if you say no or if you turn somebody down, it is an act of self-love. The more you do this, the further you can utilize the Rooster’s energy for career success. Take time making decisions, especially if rushed. When argumentative people pick a fight, let them expend their energy without taking it on. Know that you are fine just as you are and leave other people to take responsibility for their own issues. It’s interesting that you may end up making lots of very good financial decisions as an indirect outcome of being around difficult people and ultimately, these gains are what you will remember the Rooster year for.

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Description of Monkey Sign

I am the most evolved of the cycle, I see the obvious and I turn it into comedic music, for I am the agile imp, the cheeky chimp, the naughty nymph. Naughtiness is present in my every gesture, my eyes wink without moving and I project sexiness without trying. But I am more than just a passing fancy, for within me is balance that all my astrological siblings lack; some may share my wit, attractiveness, a few have a presence I do not, but what they lack is a firm, grounded common sense and that I have in spades. I know what needs to be done and I do it, not because I feel it is the right thing to do, even I question my moral colors at times, but because I can see the results of the potential outcome if I do not take the action. It is not discipline that keeps me moving, it is my need for monkey motion and foresight. I want paradise for my own and I know what to do to get there.

I am the Monkey.

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Fortune for 2017

Reluctantly, you handed over power to the Rooster and now you settle back into your role as a regular citizen. It’s boring, but at least you have the freedom to fully be yourself and put your energy into the projects that most fulfill you.

It’s likely that much of what you were working on before will no longer inspire you and you are using your imagination to dream up new worlds to play in. This year is likely to be a highly creative one for you. Back that up with some hard work and you could make some advances in the world of communication and business. At times, if you see yourself withdrawing inwards for respite, know that it is just the Rooster’s forwardness that is having that impact. It is only temporary and you will return stronger with even greater ideas. Even if you do not have much to show for it, know that you have achieved a lot at this time, the dividends appear in the following years. Be creative and dream your dream life into existence.

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Description of Rooster Sign

I am the critical calculator, the cerebral conservative, the quality controller. I am the last to sleep and the first to rise for my service is necessary and my goals, paramount. Of course, I am a special child of nature, less the common farmyard bird and more the peacock. My head-comb is shines so bright, it can blind, my wings are perfectly brushed and my feathers are stunningly fanned! I have to look perfect so the world recognizes my superiority. I need to be “on” all of the time, I need to be available, I have to be perfect! When I am not happy, you will know, for I am a cocky, cocksure, cockerel. I know what I’m cockadoodledooing about… even when I don’t! I am not critical, I am discerning! I am not impulsive, I’m confident. I listen to my head over my heart because my heart is an impudent child in an adults world. Discipline is necessary in all areas leaving the rest of me to dazzle and attract without any of my peacock-eyes leaving sight of the goal!

I am the Rooster.

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Fortune for 2017

Welcome to your kingdom dear Rooster. You have waiting for this time to take charge and have everybody listen to what you think… actually, you make everyone listen anyway, but this time, you have power behind your words. That’s why you are just brimming with joy and your worries fall away. You may find that it is easier for you to let your worries fall away and achieve your goals with little fuss. People may even do your bidding. It is the best time for you to make manifest your potential and lots of little surprises egg you onwards and upwards. Having put in a lot of the hard work previously, you can now plan how to reap the rewards. You may have the opportunity to choose a different way of life and actually make that happen at this time. As a result, you can now focus on spiritual service and giving back to those less fortunate. Lead with integrity dear Rooster and the rewards return compounded.

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Description of Dog Sign

I am the independent guardian, the iconoclast, the belligerent-diva. I was born cynical, suspicious and mature of mind, I get younger as I age. My mind flowers with youthful exuberance as I realize that I was never alone and that I did not need to be so strong. Forget 20/20, I have 50/50 crystal clarity. It frustrates me that the rest of the world lags so far behind; my creativity captivates the masses as I bore of my own edgy magic. My convictions are titanium. I need not external validation for I have greater inner resources. Many come to me for validation; oh how I pity those fools! But it is my duty to create a safety net for others and as I do, the heavens create a safety net for me! All are drawn to my beauty though some fear the feral creature hiding behind my eyes. Allow my doggy-drive to inspire you to the heavens for it is in my nature to uplift. Come to me for creativity, for guidelines, for magic and watch it manifest in my paws. I am the practical dreamer. I am the Dog.

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Fortune for 2017

Merging your own energy with that of the earthy Rooster has an interesting impact as it pushes you to be even more of a perfectionist. It’s important that you strive to achieve the highest of standards as the Rooster provides you with a number of platforms to promote your talents. But it is an energy that is difficult to predict so it may become necessary to manage superiors in order to get what you want. Maintain your integrity though, even if others are not doing so because anything less than that could boomerang back at you. Know your skillset and know that you can rely on your endless practicality to get you out of difficult situations. Even though you might have to deal with difficult people, your power has been curtailed only temporarily and you will get airspace at many points in this year. Actually, that spotlight might be amplified so you get even more time to shine.

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Description of Boar Sign

I am the capitalist, nature’s raw sensualist, the baby of the astrological cycle. I am the completion of the cycle and the beginning, so within me is both the spiritual wisdom of my former maturity and the enthusiasm of this frisky fresh being. I am the sophisticating country child working to leave my humble beginnings behind. My past conditioning affects me with its heavy haze. Sometimes, I know not where I am or where I stand but am committed to figuring it out. Time is an enigma for I live partly in the past, partly in the present whilst tipping a trotter into the future for a peek. I live not for myself, but for my tribe. No role is beyond me, regardless of my gender, for my love comes without boundaries. This causes me much heartache and I learn to love with more discernment, leaving my self-sacrifice and martyr complex behind, I step into this sophisticated, compassionate and highly successful creature that everybody adores.

I am the Boar.

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Fortune for 2017

Spiritual matters seem to be your concern at this time as you withdraw into the cocoon to explore your depths. This is a positive time of growth and development where you find much hope and optimism. It is possible that you might take a break from work in order to consciously work on some issues and emerge ready to tackle the world. Limited perspectives drop away as powerful new ones anchor themselves. It is a great time to open yourself to areas that might previously have been closed off. Many may find significant partners at this time of the cycle and others may be ready to make romantic commitments. The Rooster year is full of surprises for you little piggy and you are more than ready (and able) to receive with open arms. Many of your friends will be happy to see your progression and will be there to encourage your ongoing growth. Know that there is a certain level of protection also and the physical changes will follow the internal ones.

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As the serene sheep meanders over to the high tree enclosure, the Monkey craftily sneaks up behind him and grabs the baton. The sheep smiles on as the Monkey starts his rein on the 8th February 2016 and we enter the magical kingdom of the cheeky imp.


Mischievous, mesmerising, and magnificent, the Monkey speeds up the pace of life immediately. The Sheep’s dreamy contemplation has provided us with the inspiration we needed to decide upon our next endeavours that meet our material and spiritual needs, now the Monkey pushes us to take action. No more dilly-dallying, the Sheep year is over: bring on the excitement, activity and fast-forward motion of the Monkey. As a premeditated character, the Monkey tends to know what it’s objective is and always comes with a loose, casual plan that he is prepared to improvise around. This is the best way to approach Monkey years.


We are all gifted with some of the Monkeys natural talents which allow us to keep up with him as the farmyard morphs into a sky high jungle tree labyrinth. We become more agile, physically and mentally, we begin to think more strategically and cannot but help to be more self-interested. It’s just part of the Monkey make-up to put itself first and there’s nothing wrong with it… as long as one does not sacrifice integrity and take this to an extreme.


Monkey years encourage all to explore their inerrant creative talents for the pure joy of them. Admittedly, there is not so much time for these activities as business and self-development take priority, but if one can schedule them in, they should as it creates a necessary balance, stress alleviation outlet and also esteem improvement as one gets better at childhood jollies, that inner child likes the grown up a little more which improves general self-esteem. Whatever area of life you look at, the Monkey influence provides complicated challenges requiring the use of intellect, social clout as well as diplomacy to bring forth astounding outcomes pushing you upwards along the monkey-bar highway to the kingdom in the clouds. What is interesting though, is that the greatest benefits are likely to take place in unconventional work fronts.


Many Chinese Astrologers believe that the Monkey is one of the most innovative signs because of their saucy, witty personalities and because of the inventions that emerge in their years, but this is not entirely accurate; the creative innovation actually comes from the sign before, the Sheep, but the Monkey is the master of marketing and sales, that tends to be their greatest innovative superpower. That’s not to say that they are not creatively innovative, they are, but where they really excel is seeing how new products, processes or services can be used to benefit the masses.


Air conditioning, the remote control, Velcro, zippo lighters and ballpoint pens were introduced in Monkey years. Also, the first commercial radio broadcast aired. It is the Monkey that is usually at the forefront of communications making it easier for the masses to understand the concrete applications of these products. Politically, it was in 1920 that women got the right to vote in the US and in 1932 that Amelia Earheart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic so women’s rights are also important at this time. Political assassinations seem to peak in Monkey and Horse years, both signs of which are known to have the fastest minds, impulsive and quick energy. When the other signs are gifted with the speed of these two signs, it takes some time to learn how to manage it.


A major misconception about the Monkey is that they are dramatic show offs, while it is true that they are natural entertainers and speakers, showing off in a public way does not appeal; instead, they like to show off to themselves! Monkeys are competitive, so they set internal goals to be better than, to outwit or win against somebody else and then set about making that happen, proving their superiority to themselves… and if anyone else notices the game that is being played, then wonderful!


With the smart Monkey energy, we will be encouraged to take many small and persistent steps towards our goals. We also have greater immediate clarity that helps us to make sensible choices rather than emotion-led ones that keep us trapped in self-defeating patterns. This can be a really fun year, but you have to make time for the fun. The Monkey’s productivity can overpower the need to stop and enjoy the moment because there is so much opportunity at this time. But what is success without enjoyment of the fruits of ones labor? The Monkey knows this, but other signs might not. Work, find success, but play too! Don’t use all of Monkey-Magic’s energy for work because you really will miss out of the joy, laughter and play! Isn’t that what all the work is for?

2016 is the Year of the Monkey.


Rule of the cosmos changes hands on 31st January 2014 as the scandalous Snake, reluctantly, passes the baton to the humanitarian Horse.

The Snake year (2013) is over, so the Snake’s short cuts just do not work anymore; instead, work will be undertaken at an exceptional pace without a song and dance and the outcomes will be that much more satisfying; add to that, the Horse’s joie de vivre, everyone will be having a blast at the very same time.

Fun, frisky and fearless the Horse’s energy picks us up, carrying us along as if caught in a sort of Horse hurricane. This sign knows how to work hard and most definitely plays hard. Horses do both by the book; work adhering to the rules, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and then they go party like hedonists! That sets up what this year has in store for everyone. There is a focus on quality as well as quantity and everybody feels obliged to come up to the bar; when they do, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and positive self-esteem.

Lending its humor to all situations, the Horse entertains whilst drawing attention to issues that require notice. This is the sign of the humane rebel advocate who uses its intelligence, audacity and nerve to unsettle the established powers to push them to extend their boundaries and force them open to change. As the academic, satirist and rebel, the Horse’s opinion holds clout with the masses despite attempts by political machines to undermine it. However, because of the Horse’s unwavering pursuit of the truth, underdogs emerge victorious. That is why Horse years are famous for political upheavals, protests and riots.

With a strong leaning towards social activism, unification and general humanitarian concerns, it comes as no shock that the women’s vote was earned by the Suffragettes in 1918, the reunification of Germany occurred in 1990, the Euro became the sole currency in most part of Europe in 2002, the international Criminal Court was established and many other major movements for equality occur during Horse years. Horse sign Nelson Mandela was released in 1990, which was also the year of the Horse. Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that to instigate these changes, often times, some chaos is required and Horse years are known for this too. Leaders and important people are assassinated in Horse years.

Feminism, gay rights and sexual liberation are also given freedom of expression. It was in 1954 that the first issue of Sports Illustrated was published, Robert Maplethorpe’s homoerotic artwork was given the go ahead in 1978 despite public outcry and Horse sign Harvey Milk was assassinated in Horse year 1978 which, although a negative event, ultimately heralded in a period of greater acceptance for the LGBT community. Horse years favor politics that are left of the centre, inclusive environments and free speech for all, however disturbing one’s views may be.

With the copious amounts of daring and energy of reckless abandon, this is a great time to make dreams a reality. Taking on the Horse’s casual and detached nature encourages a carefree attitude that is conducive to creating powerfully romantic connections. Neither projects desperation and both are happy to let go and see where the chemistry leads. That is a wise strategy this year as the winds can change direction very quickly so it’s better to go by your instinct than any conventional wisdom. Grab on to something though, for the storm inside this stallion is stirring and he is ready and rearing to go; riding with this impulsive, responsive and confident creature, this much can be guaranteed, it is going to be one hell of an adventure. 2014 is the year of the Horse.