Rat – More self-care and self-nurturing is required as you may be too externally focused at this time.  Remember to give attention to your own heart and spirit as doing so revitalizes you and everyone around you.  Champion yourself first.


Ox – In this peak of summer month, you will feel as if the sun is shining directly on you and only for you.  You may be thrust into the spotlight or singled out for some sort of award.  It is a time to reap the rewards for your previous efforts.


Tiger – Despite everything that you have tried to do, you may feel as if you are losing the battle so now you must change your approach.  Spend time by yourself and do not ask others for advice.  You need to feel out what is best for you alone.


Rabbit – Although you may feel trapped within difficult circumstances, know that you always have more freedom than you think.  It means making decisions that impact a variety of people, as well as yourself, but you must do it.  Extricate yourself now and analyse what landed you there in the first place.


Dragon – Dealing with an unusual and sticky situation, you may have struggled to find a win-win solution but your good intentions have served you well as the universe may step in with some divine intervention.  This may release some long-held tension.


Snake – Energy is all psychological so if you are lacking in it, consider what you are focusing on mentally as well as the other factors.  In what ways are you confining yourself?  This question will give you the key to freeing yourself back up.


Horse – Take this time to rest and relax as you have been through a tough period of hard work.  Reward yourself as you organise the next phase of your master plan.  Then, when you are ready, get out there and make it happen.


Sheep – Having to deal with friction forces you to out of your boundaries and into the fire where you reveal what you’re made of which often surprises everybody.  It also makes you confront what you have been avoiding.  Transformation is imminent.


Monkey – If you do not want to bring out your feelings to discuss them with friends, at least be honest about them with yourself.  Clarify where you stand so you can actively do something about your situation.


Rooster – Trying to achieve perfection creates a never ending tension within you because you will never manage it.  Actually, you are perfect and whole already, isn’t it time you took that on board and started to live for the fun of living?


Dog – Remove the emotion from the situation to view it with as much objectivity as possible as you may find yourself in an influence-able position.  Come at it with the best of intentions and the universe will mirror those intentions in your own life.


Boar – Whatever you are working towards, it requires continued effort and energy to remain on track.  Also, keep an eye out for some additional training that might help further improve your project, as your standards are so high.