Nikki Aaron

I met Zak at a time when I was feeling like my love life had become kind of pointless. My career was the highlight in my life, and any time I did meet a guy I kind of liked, I’d be hesitant to give him too much of my attention – I just didn’t feel that these men were worth the effort.

Zak gave me a 12-month reading in around Feb/March 2013. He selected a card for each month and explained in detail what I could expect from each. He also recorded this so I was able to look back and check my forecast for the beginning of each month.

One month, however, stuck in my mind. It was January the following year, for which he selected the Lovers card. He told me that this would be the month I really solidify a lasting relationship. I was dubious, of course…

However, a few months later, as if from out of nowhere, it’s no understatement to say I met the man of my dreams. Only problem was, he was living in a different country. To me, it seemed hopeless. But as things developed, my ‘perfect guy’ decided that he wanted to be with me full-time. And so, he left his native USA and relocated his life to China, where I was living at the time.

He arrived on my doorstep in Beijing on December 30th 2013. Needless to say, January really was the month we solidified our relationship!

Several months later we were married and are now expecting our first baby together. Zak was absolutely right.


DJ Ritu

I’ve had a number of tarot readings by Zakariya, in fact he is the only person that I allow to read for me. His ability to interpret the cards is intuitive and skilled and he conveys their message in a way that is accessible, direct & honest, but positive & constructive. Whatever is going on in my life and in those cards, I’m always left with food for thought, actions to consider, and a strong sense of hope. Zakariya’s readings are uncannily accurate and also uplifting.


Debbie Hearn

Zakariya has an astounding knowledge, ability and talent for both Eastern and Western Astrologies combined. He has such a passion and enthusiasm for these subjects, I am always fascinated by what he has to say. Over the last ten years (since I first met Zakariya), his predictions for the year ahead based on both Chinese and Western astrology have been scarily accurate. I was single when I met Zakariya, and would excitedly ask him each Chinese new year if this year would be the year that I met the man of my dreams. For the first few years he would tell me that this year was not a good year for romance for me. The optimistic part of me would dismiss this as ‘just astrology’, but he was always right. I was single for 5 years. The year of 2008 was the Year of the Rat (my Chinese sign). He told me that this year I would meet the man that I would marry…..and I did. I have now been happily married for 5 years. I still hassle him every year to find out what lies in store for me in the new year, and he gets it right, year after year. He is truly an inspiration.


Neena Baid – Professional Coach and Artist

All of my readings with Zak have been consistently correct over the many years I have consulted with him. Much of the information he has given me has allowed me to consider my options and be more consciously aware before making decisions. Zak genuinely has been blessed with a gift that he can share with you as he has with me.


Zoe Simone

I love the whole picture approach that Zakariya had to my astrological reading. Compassionate and insightful, the session with him helped give me perspective and courage.


Claire Heffron

Zak has a real skill at combining Chinese and Western astrology and making it personal to your signs and understands both very well. His ability of reading tarot and explaining the situation is very clear and really helped to guide me.


Oliver Gatz

I first met Zakariya on the set of a Crimewatch reconstruction where he was casually giving readings to all the actors between takes. I sidled up and waited for my reading. It was brief, accurate and so revealing I was a little freaked out. It was his incredible insight and empathy that drew me to him and has done for the last 15yrs or so. He has not only successfully combined Eastern and Western astrology, but uses it to show people who they are, and in the process empower themselves, for the better.


Alexia Chellun

When it comes to the complex understanding of how Western astrology meets Eastern astrology, Zakariya interprets this on a most accurate level. With years of experience and with true passion for the craft Zak delivers astounding observations every time.


Sara K.

I wont do a reading with anyone but Zakariya. In every instance of Zak doing a reading for me, i had felt it was the perfect timing for it. I would feel his words and predictions linger in the back of my mind while I would see them come into fruition. What I love the most is how Zak has such a fantastically insightful and honest way of speaking that I am gracefully given a few steps back to see my life with more perspective and direction.


Magdalene C.

After any of Zak’s tarot readings, I am always left feeling positive, hopeful, curious and excited for things to come. I believe his readings for me have been accurate because he is so naturally in tune astrologically. I always look forward to and enjoy a tarot session with Zak. He is the only reader I trust to give me a constructive reading.


Lianne C

My wonderful interaction happened with Zakariya this past summer in Vancouver Canada. I was intrigued listening to readings he was doing. I quickly realised this man was something special. Upon reading my cards I was taken in by his energy and thoughtful process in delivering the intriguing lessons. I learned about me and situations in my life,past and present. Later in the evening I got to just dit and chat with this electric man. I have kept in touch and hope to have many many more readings. Cheers Lianne C


Lucy Barrett

I was introduced to Adeel a few years ago through a mutual friend. I was not particularly aware of astrology, eastern or western, and only read horoscopes occasionally, rather than seeking them out. I still know very little about astrology but i can say that since we met, Zak has made two completely accurate predictions about events in my life neither he nor I could have forseen. It was surreal but somehow reassuring. The process opened my mind to new possibilities and I thank him for that.


Jude Claybourne

Zak, your readings are intuitive and compassionate. You tell it like it is and you offer warmth and that extra level of precision. I love watching you read the cards. You know them like some people know their own children, reading every expression they offer you. It’s always a privilege to have a reading with you.


Chryso Chellun

Adeel, Thank you for helping me find clarity through your tarot readings. Your guidance and insight is honest first and foremost, but delivered with wisdom and a kind heart. And your knowledge of Chinese Astrology is almost scary!


Celine Boulhaya

I have known Zakariya for over 10 years and during that time he has read tarot for me and shared his in depth knowledge of astrology on numerous occasions.
His exceptional ability to combine Western and Chinese astrology gives him an edge over most as well as incredible insight into people’s personalities and patterns of behaviors.
He undeniably has a gift when using his cards to read for people and I have witnessed him calling situations and bringing clarity to people over and over again.
He is a genuinely talented and gifted individual.


Yinka Williams

Zak’s readings are, intuitive, clear and insightful, delivered with honesty and compassion. It’s evident in his readings that he has a deep knowledge and understanding of Tarot and Chinese Astrology.


Priya Patel

Astrology and leaning about my star sign has always been a hobby. I had the pleasure of Zak reading my cards and tell me more about my star. Zak’s been a great advocate and demonstrates strong knowledge in the field. I continue to follow my sign yet on year. Thanks a million Zak!! From the Rabbit-Taurus.


Grace Heiderman

I have had my cards read and I have gotten a Western/Chinese astrological combination summary. His card reading helped me decide to apply for graduate school… which I just finished His summary was amazing and eerily accurate. His description allowed me to become more confident since I gained a better understanding of myself. I have had it for more than a year and I still read it when I need a pick-me-up. Plus I found out I am a moon child which is pretty badass:p