Oct 2013

Aries – Just as things begin to settle down, you will find that the pace of your life speeds up. There is much activity and a few milestones to reach. Luckily for you, universal forces are on your side and you might even be proud of your achievements.

Taurus – Allow yourself the luxury of stillness this month. What is happening on the inside is more important than what is projected on the outside. Without your conscious knowledge, you are in preparation mode for the next phase of your life.

Gemini – Go for it Gemini, you have rarely been this creative, so use it to the best of your ability. This is the perfect month to let your genius out and show the world just how brightly you can shine. Dazzle then with your sparks.

Cancer – With two very viable options to choose from in the palm of your hand, you face a dilemma as both roads contain blessings and pitfalls. Both roads lead to home so actually, the choice is not that important; how you handle the journey is key.

Leo – All of the pent up frustration you may have been experiencing will find release this month. Whether the decision will be taken out of your hands or whether your strength pushes you to choose remains to be seen, but resolution is imminent.

Virgo – As usual, this will be another busy month with a dfifference; rather than everything being a chore, you will be exhilarated by the challenges that you will face as they will push you and bring the gladiator in you out.

Libra – Give yourself the gift of kindness and patience this month as you might not be functioning at your peak. Not everybody can all of the time especially when rest and recuperation is required. Mistakes are great opportunities to learn from, berating yourself is pointless.

Scorpio – A positive time of good relations and peace. The storm is over and the lesson of non-attachment you learned has clearly served you well as you allow everything and everyone to be as it wants to be. That’s why your dreams come to you in effortless ease.

Sagittarius – Despite the drama and trauma of the past, you have made some amazing advancements and are actually moving on. Sometimes it is good to acknowledge your progression as it spurs you onwards even more. You’re doing brilliantly so keep on keeping on.

Capricorn – Much work has already been done and you need to continue on in this vain to ensure your plans pan out as you hope. Training and meeting your planned deadlines are important this month so be like clockwork.

Aquarius – When your ideals are attacked, the monster inside you awakens and in a fury can destroy all that you have worked hard to develop: trust, reputation and good will can all be affected, so know the consequences before unleashing the beast.

Pisces – It’s up to you to bring joy, excitement and color to your life, so if everything seems a little lackluster, what are you going to do to turn things around? Analyzing why you feel this way is a good start.

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