sheepRule of the cosmos changes hands on 19th February 2015 as the humanitarian Horse passes the baton to the gifted Sheep (also known as the Ram or Goat).

Serene, sophisticated and sensible the Sheep slows down the pace of life that the Horse brought and it eventually turns into a casual meandering, but the Sheep tends to be high on life so he’s having the best time ever.  Do not think, however, that there is no focus, there is, but it is spiritually guided rather than personally willed.  Although, he does not know where he is going, he knows he will end up precisely where he needs to be.  Because of his heightened sensitivity, open hearted vulnerability and general charm, he is very easy to love, in fact, this Sheep is Mother Nature’s favorite child and she spoils him rotten with special little superpowers to even up the score so that he can cope in the big bad world!  Lucky for us, the Sheep shares his bounty with us all in his year, so we all become more talented, let our inner child out to play more and have greater access to our higher selves which allows us to attract the circumstances we desire.

As the sign most in touch with its subconscious mind, it has earned a reputation for being highly creative, yet, an impractical dreamer.  In China, many even avoid having Sheep babies believing they will be unable to provide for their family in later years.  But this is an unfair distinction; the term practical dreamer would be far more accurate as the Sheep is the sign that manifests magic from its mind! Pioneers such as Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and even Tim Berners-Lee (the guy who created the internet) belong to this sign.  Technological advancement is only to be expected, especially so in the aviation, communication and space science arenas.

As the non-confrontational, compassionate, peacemaker of the 12 Chinese signs, the Sheep encourages understanding and diplomacy before all else and is determined to create harmony while it can.  Sometimes, however, war is necessary in order to show that people are prepared to fight for peace, that is why wars both start and end in Sheep years: Vietnam (1967), Gulf (1991) and even the Iraq war (2003).  Racial friction and riots, the precursors to, as well as the actual advances in racial equality are also are common Sheep year occurrences.  Even Rosa Parks’ boycott took place in 1955.

Being that the Sheep is all about intention and integrity, it is important to undertake everything with the right frame of mind.  Karma tends to be super-powerful at this time so consider your motives, because their outcomes will inevitably boomerang.  Pirates, gangsters or anyone taking unfair advantage ought to be warned as many a Goliath has fallen on the Sheep’s watch; Al Capone was jailed and Spain became a republic by overthrowing King Alfonzo XIII in 1931, the Kray twins were jailed in 1967 and even Sadaam Hussein’s regime was overthrown and he himself captured in 2003.

There tends to be much discord in financial realms as Sheep years are known for steep jumps in interest rates, this happened in 1919, 1931 and continued right through 1991.  The highest rate ever reached was 17% in November 1979 (UK).  That hikes are likely in 2015 will come as no surprise.  Although this means higher expenses, it is an indication that the markets are improving, as the Sheep nurtures everything under its nose.  Interestingly, silver and gold reach exceptional heights in their value in Sheep years.

With all of its heart, the Sheep lovingly encourages the development of our emotional intelligence, compassion and spiritual connection by pushing us to be more open with our selves.  The more we de-clutter our minds and realize what we value most, the more of that is attracted into our experience.  Simply put, people deal with their individual hang ups and open to the lives that they really want: many people meet their life partners, make long-term commitments and buy the homes they spend a majority of their lives in.  The map gets thrown away along with the confusion as people realize that they have been trying to live by somebody else’s rules.  Ironically, they may feel the most lost, but that feeling is best sign that they are living in the moment, truly alive and most likely on the right path.  Along with their astrological icon for the year, although, they do not know where they are going, everyone ends up precisely where they need to be.  2015 is the year of the Sheep.

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